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World's largest searchable database of senior level executive profiles and moves. Explore and discover decision makers by company, industry, function, location and job titles.
ExecLibrary brings you the most updated information on potential executives and prospects. We track millions of information sources on the web to bring you the most recent news and updates.

How It Works

Execlibrary profiles millions of senior level executives along with their biographies, social channels, contact information. Users can create full profiles of executives using the "Create Full Profile" feature on ExecLibrary.
  • Searchable database of millions of senior executives and decision makers
  • Seach by Company, Job Titles, Job Function, Seniority, Geography and many more
  • Track Current and Past executives from your target companies
  • Access interesting news articles, videos and social media
  • Use the customized research feature to get profiles created as per your needs supported by your dedicated account executives
ExecLibrary profiles millions of companies, both public and private with their descriptions, current management team, past employees information captured from news moves and articles, interesting news articles, social media channels etc.
  • Explore companies across sectors
  • Track target accounts and competitors
  • Request Company Profiles
  • Request customized research for any company of your interest
ExecLibrary uses state of the art technology to track millions of executive moves from various sources on the web.
  • Searchable database of executive moves
  • Track executive moves across your target sectors, companies and geographies
  • Profile senior executives from the EL Executive Moves section
  • Build your own news feed using the customized research feature
Interesting Bites
  • Receive quick updates on you target companies or industries
  • Updates on recent developments, geographic expansion, M&A, key financials etc.
  • Request customized research for any company or industry of your interest
Track comments made by senior industry leaders taking about:
  • Company's business plan and strategies
  • Key developments in the industry
  • Company's hiring and expansion plans
  • Product launch and competitive environment
  • And many more....

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Mobile App
ExecLibrary Mobile App offers on-demand executive information. Whether you are reading a news article or looking at a social profile of an executive and want to know more about them, ExecLibrary would be handy!