About Us

ExecLibrary is a research and technology driven executive intelligence platform. Currently at stealth mode, ExecLibrary connect the dots and inform key decision makers on recent and historical executive moves across sectors, geographies, functions etc. The platform offers a dashboard that provides analysis and insights regarding changes at a senior executive level globally and the changes associated with the move.
The web based platform tracks and profiles key decision makers across the globe, helps identify recruiting patterns and reporting structures.
ExecLibrary profiles millions of senior leaders along with their biographies.
ExecLibrary will be an effective platform for global executive recruiters, management and human capital consultants, investment professionals, sales and marketing teams of high growth companies and key decision makers of global companies.

EL Executives

Execlibrary profiles millions of senior level executives along with their biographies, social channels, contact information. Users can create full profiles of executives using the "Create Full Profile" feature on ExecLibrary.

EL Companies

ExecLibrary profiles millions of companies, both public and private with their descriptions, current management team, past employees information captured from news moves and articles, interesting news articles, social media channels etc.

EL Executive Moves

ExecLibrary uses state of the art technology to track millions of executive moves from various sources on the web. Users can track executive moves across sectors, companies and geographies, profile senior executives from the EL Executive Moves section.

EL Open Positions

ExecLibrary tracks open senior level positions, Director level and above across sectors, companies and job functions. Users can search and explore thousands of job openings that are aggregated from open sources on the web and is refreshed every 90 days.

EL Custom Research

ExecLibrary users can request for any customised project assisted by a dedicated account manager. Users can create multiple company or executive profiles, build long lists of executives with their bios, share job titles/ executive names with EL account manager to get customised bios created according to their needs.